Please try the following:

No TV Provider

Make sure you do have a participating TV provider that includes the respective TNT, TBS, or truTV network in your package.

If you are unsure if your package includes your particular TNT, TBS, or truTV network and/or if your TV provider offers access to this service, please contact your TV Provider to confirm. We don’t have access to your TV provider information.

Please note some packages offer less robust subscription bundles that may exclude "TV Everywhere" bundle which includes TNT, TBS, and/or truTV.

Provider Not Participating

Some services may include TNT, TBS, or truTV in their direct subscription plan where viewers can watch content through their 3rd-party platform. Their service, however, may not be linked to our streaming service to be able to login and access content directly through our apps and devices (e.g. Sling). Please check our full list of providers to confirm.

Authorization Period Expired

Your TV Provider determines how long your account remains authenticated ranging from a few days to typically 30 days. In most cases, this period of time has expired and you must sign in again. Please note some TV providers do not include temporary auto-login and will require sign in every time.

Auto-Login Fix

Make sure you are using the exact same login credential and TV provider for TNT, TBS, and truTV app. If you switch between different logins and providers across the three networks, this may create an authentication error with our Single Sign On feature and allow auto login incorrectly. This may particularly happen with AT&T, Directv, and Directv Stream sharing a AT&T domain.

Please try logging out of all three apps, disconnect your wifi from your device, and restart your device.